Supporting female migrants entrepreneurs

MaterHub, EfVET Member, is involved on the Kaleidoscope Erasmus + project which aims to support female migrants entrepreneurs with Vocational Education training focused on improving their entrepreneurial soft skills.

MaterHub (Italy)

Migrants, especially migrant women, experience higher unemployment and under-employed rates in EU countries than their native citizens (OECD 2013). Within this scenario, bolstering business creation among migrants, particularly among migrant women, is a key strategy to allow individual migrants to reach their full potential, while simultaneously improving labour market integration and fostering the creation of added value, innovation and productivity in their host countries.

Four partners coming from countries with different migration trends, such as the UK, France, Italy and Finland, built up Kaleidoscope project with the aim to develop a training model to support migrant women in developing their entrepreneurial soft skills.

Kaleidoscope website is now the main project tool, where a learning platform provides a set of units, guidelines, tools, methods and social forums aiming at “taking out” competences from participants and trainers, enabling them to use their personal attitudes to build a personal approach to migrant women education, exploiting a mentoring and coaching process that are made available by the project and the channels of the community.

The project Kaleidoscope is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme with organizations from Finland (VAMK Vaasa University of Applied Sciences – Coordinator) UK (Inova Consultancy), France (Élan interculturel), Italy (Materahub).

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