2023 EU-China(Wuxi) Industrial Innovation & Cooperation Conference

2023 EU-China(Wuxi) Industrial Innovation & Cooperation Conference

The EU-CHINA Simmut, organised by our valued Member EU Project Innovation Centre (EUPIC), has brought together key political officials, innovators, business entrepreneurs and educational leaders to level up international cooperation between Europe and China.

EfVET vice president Stefano Tirati took the stage to unveil the boundless potential of EfVET and its pivotal role in shaping the future of Vocational Education and Training (VET). In a resounding declaration, Stefano underscored the undeniable truth: Collaboration knows no borders, and our ties with the world extend far beyond the European Union.

VET isn’t just a sector; it’s a thriving, breathing ecosystem, and it’s our steadfast belief that cooperation is the very heartbeat of this living system.
Among his riveting insights, Stefano delved into the transformative power of the Centers of Vocational Excellence, a visionary initiative by the European Commission. These centers are the architects of “skills ecosystems,” delivering top-tier vocational skills to both the young and the experienced, while igniting regional development, sparking innovation, nurturing industrial clusters, and fostering social inclusion.

But the true magic lies in the partners that unite for a common cause. Whether it’s carving a niche in a specific sector, devising inventive solutions for economic and societal challenges, or turbocharging the outreach, quality, and effectiveness of existing CoVEs – these alliances fuel progress!

The seminar saw the participation of VET experts from Europe and China as well, among them Joao Santos, former VET expert at the European Commission (online), and EVBB.
Also, it was a great opportunity to introduce the Give project and PoVE Water  Scale-up project. Our presence at this summit is not a mere coincidence; it’s a deliberate stride toward a more interconnected world, where VET transcends boundaries and thrives on unity!
A great achievement and warm congratulations to EUPIC! We would like to share and go forward together with our members and partners from China, for stronger ties in Vocationa Education Training

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