21st İSMEK General Exhibition is opening

21st General Exhibition and Festival is opening

İSMEK (Turkey)


İSMEK is preparing for the 21st General Exhibition and Festival. In May, the preparations for the exhibition, which will be opened at the Feshane Cultural Center, continue at full speed. The exhibition, which will meet handcrafted art works of İSMEK trainees with Istanbul residents, will be free to visit by all the Istanbulites.

İSMEK has been offering the beautiful products that are produced by the trainees with the knowledge and skills they have acquired over a year since the last 20 years to the Istanbulites. ISMEK’s general exhibition and festival, which is one of the biggest handicraft exhibitions of Istanbul and the world, will be opened in May.

Countdown Has Started for a Full-up Exhibition
All the ISMEK students continue to work with great devotion while the countdown for the ISMEK 21st General Exhibition and Festival begins. The stands belonging to ISMEK’s 540 branches will be exhibited, as well as live performances, workshops to be set up and with the sales center it will be a fairly colorful exhibition. Thanks to the sales center created for the exhibition, ISMEK students will have the opportunity to earn income from the sales of their elbow-grease works.

Seminars, Talk Shows and Concerts
The products which have been exhibited in many branches such as jewelry, marbling, patchwork, fabric painting, home textile, ribbon embroidery, needle embroidery, knitting, ceramics, miniature, painting, illumination made by the skillful hands of İSMEK trainees, will have a visual feast for visitors this year. The exhibition, which Istanbul residents are welcomed with great interest every year, will be filled with the activities this year as well.

The Exhibition Can Be Visited Free of Charge
In the opening ceremony of İSMEK 21th General Exhibition and Festival, where there will be a surprise concert, the concerts are among the notable elements of the exhibitions organized by the trainees who are trained in İSMEK music specialty centers as well as seminars and interviews.

İSMEK 21st General Exhibition and Festival, which will be opened with a big organization in May, will be free to all Istanbulites.

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