2nd meeting of PR.E.S.T.O.: Discussing the 1st survey to be launched soon

The second project meeting of PR.E.S.T.O.: Discussing the first survey to be launched soon

PRESTO – “Promoting pEople with disability Transnational mObility” partners met in a second project meeting held online on the 15th of March 2021 with the presence of all the partners representatives, as follows:

  • Consorzio Ro.Ma (Italy)
  • Associazione Italiana Persone Down (Italy)
  • International Consulting & Mobility Agency (Spain)
  • Stowarzyszenie na Rzrcz Rozwoju Spolecznosci Wiejskiej Gminy Przygodzice (Poland)
  • Cap Ulysse (France)
  • European Education & Learning Institute (Greece)
  • EfVET (Belgium)

The KA2 PR.E.S.T.O. project coordinator Consorzio Ro.Ma from Italy introduced the main topic of the meeting, i.e. a survey conceived in the framework of the Intellectual Output 1. Project Manager Andrea Cenderello presented the aim of the survey which is to identify reasons and/or obstacles conducting VET organisations to underrepresent intellectual mild disable learners on mobility programmes. These can be represented by internal of external factors.

The direct beneficiaries of the survey will be VET centers committed to Mobility programs (but not with intellectual mild disable learners), and the target will be VET Directors, Mobility Mentors or Coordinators, and ERASMUS+ Project Designers.

The partners also discussed the format and the deadline of the preparation of the survey and questionnaire proposal counting that per 1500 questioners sent, at least 50 replies will have to be received. Cap Ulysse will design the survey, collect the data, analyse the results, while AIPD will have the role to control the relevance of the questions and answers. Each partner, including EfVET will spread it among its network. The project meeting was very engaging, and the partnership showed a strong readiness to work on the development of such survey.

Another important part of the meeting was dedicated to the Dissemination and Communication where partners could be informed on the updates in the work done and to be done related to website and other dissemination materials. Soon the PR.E.S.T.O. Newsletter will be published and will contain new information on the progresses of the project, stay tuned!


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