8 FPEmpresa centres participate in the project SCoopConSS to promote social cooperatives

Eight FPEmpresa centres participate in the international project SCoopConSS to promote social cooperatives

FPEmpresa VET Schools Association boosts its internationalization process and officially takes part in the project SCoopConSS (Social Cooperative Contest for Secondary Schools), co-financed by the EU under the frame of the Horizon2020 funds. This project is aimed at providing teachers with a compilation of resources related to social entrepreneurship.

SCoopConSS is being developed by six organisations from four different countries: Italy, Croatia, Greece, and Spain. In order to participate in this international initiative, teachers and their teams of 4-5 students have been selected. Eight FPEmpresa centres and 2 secondary school centres are being represented. The 8 associated centres are: IES Clara Del Rey, IES Puertas del Campo, EFA La Malvesia, Cooperativa De Enseñanza José Ramón Otero, IES Pedro de Tolosa, IES Ángel Corella, C.D.P Atlántida CIDEP and IES Francisco Tomás y Valiente.

From this January onwards, there will be online training sessions, workshops and practical sessions, all directed to conceptualising and designing a social cooperative. The whole learning and working process should be based upon the principles of self-help, mutual responsibility, democracy, equality, equity and solidarity.

The resulting proposals will participate in a national contest in which the ten teachers and their teams of 14 to 18-year-old students will compete. The winning team will be awarded with the participation in the international contest that will take place in Perugia next September. The winners from each participating country will have the opportunity to present their proposals of social cooperatives.

2021 will be a significant year to consolidate the internationalisation strategy of FPEmpresa. In addition to SCoopConSS, FPEmpresa will also participate in the project PRALINE, made up of 13 organisations from 12 different countries and whose focus is adult education, learning and training; life-long learning as the core element. Furthermore, FPEmpresa will take part in several international mobilities with centres located in Continental China, Hong Kong and Thailand, with the purpose of exchanging experiences and good practices in the field of Vocational Education and Training.

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