FINKIT project: financial literacy

CECE (Spain)

After a first phase of study and analysis, during the transnational partners meeting in Setubal (PT), the project partners have discussed and approved “The Many Dimensions of Economic Vulnerability. The cases of Older People in France, Italy, Portugal and Spain”

The recurrent economic and financial crises occurred in the last decades have, on the one hand, progressively translated on individuals many risks and responsibilities that before were covered by the State; and, on the other hand, reduced the economic resources available to large shares of the population.

As a consequence, an increasing share of people is likely to incur in the risk of having to sustain (progressively higher) expenditures for services previously provided by the welfare system with their own (increasingly scarce) resources, potentially falling in a condition of economic vulnerability.

How can we help them? And, in particular, how can we help the share of population composed by older people? The FINKIT project tries to answer these questions and, in particular, promotes economic and financial education as a key tool to prevent the economic vulnerability.

Indeed, FINKIT aims at testing whether some basic knowledge of the key concepts of home economics, economics of the family and wealth management can be helpful to social workers or volunteers to improve the wellbeing of their assisted older people.

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