A Brazilian VET Schools delegation brings Spanish Vocational Education and Training closer

A Brazilian VET Schools delegation brings Spanish Vocational Education and Training closer

On 28th of March, 2022, FPEmpresa VET Schools Association gathered in Madrid with a Brazilian VET Schools delegation formed by Instituto Federal de Alagoas (IFAL) and Instituto Federal de Pernambuco (IFPE) belonging to Conselho Nacional das Instituições da Rede Federal de Educação Profissional, Científica e Tecnológica (Conif) to explain the function of the Association. This meeting is the first real mobility since FPEmpresa and Embassy of Spain in Brazil encourage the international cooperation between centers. What’s more is delimit on the aim of the Association for internationalize the VET. In this way, the Brazilian centers have visited the high schools IES Capacitación Agraria and IES Hotel Escuela, two VET centers associates to FPEmpresa.

Initiated in the center IES Capacitación Agraria, it allowed to the Brazilian delegation presents itself and publish the reality over how is organised the VET in Brazil. Also, the meeting gave the visitors the opportunity to get close to the professional agrarian and environment families. Furthermore, they learnt the most innovative projects that has the center as the vertical garden and the compost system. Finally, the session ended with a guided tour of the facilities of IES Hotel Escuela, where the hotel, the restaurant, the kitchen, and the travel agency, are located.

Since 2021, the Association and the Embassy of Spain in Brazil intervene in different activities to give the opportunity of cooperating between Spanish and Brazilian centers in different educative projects. Among them are the eTwinning projects that connect the centers of both countries in a virtual way.



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