A good start is half the project: The 3-H project kick off meeting

A good start is half the project: The 3-H project kick off meeting

The kick-off meeting of the 3H project was held on 24-25 March 2022 in Verona and was attended by 14 participants coming from Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, Croatia, and Finland. The 3H project (Head, Heart, Hand) is based on the assumption that VET should provide holistic education, i.e. education that takes into account in the same measure cognitive intelligence (head), social-emotional intelligence (heart) and manual intelligence (hand). The project focuses on socio-emotional aspects and the aim is to equip VET staff with methodologies for managing students demotivation within the classroom group.

The two-days event was dedicated to increase reciprocal knowledge among partners and plan in details the project activities. During the first year of the project the partnership will be committed to collect existing good practices on 4 topics:

• Self-Directed Learning: an active learning process in which students take the initiative to decide their own learning path: what to learn, how to learn, with whom to learn, when to learn.

• PBL on social-emotional competences: support educators to implement meaningful PBL activities that allow pupils to develop social-emotional skills and learn authentic contents. In other words, design PBL projects that have a social-emotional component.

• Well-being and motivation at school: practices to create a welcoming, engaging, and inclusive school environment that transforms the relationship between the institution and students and generates a state of well-being.

• Welcoming/guidance activities: welcoming practices / programmes / activities for incoming students with previous negative school experiences, in order to facilitate their integration in the new VET pathway.

The methodology that underpins the project is simple: on one side the provider partners (VET schools that over the years have developed good practices on the project topics) will transfer their successful models and expertise. On the other side, the user partners (organisations with less experience) will study and be trained on these topics and will try to adapt these good practices to their national contexts.

After the meeting in Verona the partners will meet again for the first LTTA (Learning Teaching Training Activity) of the project in Bilbao, at the end of April.

For more information please visit our website at www.enac.org/en/erasmusplus/3-h-project/



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