A year of of international experiences just finished for VET students

The Innovative project IMPACT has just finished its first year: a year of international experiences for the students of Alba Accademia Alberghiera and the Faculté des Métiers école hôtelière of Cannes. Forty students from Alba and Cannes were involved in the IMPACT project coordinated by APRO Formazione in 2018-2019, the didactic, culinary and cultural twinning funded by the Interreg ALCOTRA program which sees Alba Accademia Alberghiera and the Faculté des Métiers École Hôtelière of Cannes as partners. Several students destined to double in the next school year 2019-2020.

APRO Formazione (Italy)

The project included events on the Italian and French territories, innovative teaching sessions and lessons in streaming, collaborations with excellence companies, culinary competitions and in-depth seminars.

A complex and innovative experience involving project managers, chefs, digital education experts and technical trainers: “The analysis is certainly positive – these are the words of Mario Deltetto, head of the school sector.” The students have lived this new experience with enthusiasm and the linguistic gap has been overcome without too much effort thanks to the desire to collaborate. The students have been able to learn a lot about cross-border cooking and have seen where the French culinary traditions come from. ”

Annamaria Monticone, project manager, is also satisfied with the experience. «The technical issues arisen during the project have been gradually managed: teaching in streaming efficiently put us to the test, but has stimulated everyone, digital technicians and chefs, to work in a new way. We are ready for next year when the number of students and training opportunities will double. Projects like this one confirm the vocation of Apro Formazione to offer innovative training on the territory and to train skilled professionals oriented towards the future “.

The analysis of the year counts 6028 Km travelled by students and technical teachers for the activities in Alba and Cannes. Among the events in which the students have participated there was the prestigious Vinum in Alba and Cuisine Cannoise en fête in Cannes.

During the 100 hours of streaming lessons, Italian and French chefs have taught students (in a classroom and virtually online through a video) 36 recipes of the local culinary tradition with highly selected ingredients from the two territories. These same ingredients have been the protagonists of the two cooking competitions in which the most deserving students ventured. A total of twenty hours of work in an Italian-French team with students interacting in a foreign language.

The territories of Alba and Cannes were also involved in educational dinners prepared by chefs and students for a total of 90 participants. Among the forty companies involved, there are important restaurants that will host the interns, local producers and consortia. It is in the perspective of this territorial enhancement that the project has allowed the production of videos for culinary, tourism and cultural promotion. The videos, collected in the series “Cunteřa”, can be enjoyed online on the Alba Accademia Alberghiera youtube channel and are also accessible here.

The project has also been an opportunity to exchange ideas through the world of professional training and the world of work. Last June an important thematic seminar on apprenticeship crowned the exchange between France and Italy: during the meeting, it was possible to compare different apprenticeship models and take a look at prospects. Industry experts and companies that have been already experimenting with new methods on the Italian scene attended the seminar.

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