Act before it happens: Preventing and fighting Early Leaving from Education and Training with Artificial Intelligence – stAI

The newly launched EU Project seeks to improve policies, reduce early leaving, and enhance the transition from education to the next generation in Europe.

According to CEDEFOP (2013), early leaving from education and training (ELET) poses a significant economic burden, constituting 1.25% of the European GDP, while 10.6% of 18-24-year-olds in Europe were early leavers in 2018. Notably, Iceland reports one of the highest rates at 20%, with Portugal (25%), Romania (15.6%), and Italy (13.1%) also exhibiting concerning levels.

In response, StAI Partners are collaborating to implement coordinated actions to prevent and reduce ELET. By leveraging data science accessible through a prompt-based system, they seek to monitor and identify the primary factors influencing early leaving from education and training in their respective countries. The stAI project, co-funded by the EC under the KA2 call for Cooperation Partnerships in School Education comprises six different organizations from Iceland, Belgium, Italy, Romania, Portugal, and Cyprus.They aim to address the impact of ELET on students, emphasizing the critical role of teachers in intervention, as poor student-teacher relationships increase the likelihood of early leaving. The initiative also targets the need to make research on ELET more accessible for teachers, implement supportive policies in schools, and provide decision-support tools for educational researchers and professionals. The implementation of the stAI project aims to contribute to lowering the average percentage of early leavers by: – Mapping the main risk factors that lead to ELET, thus recommending the most effective intervention strategies – Outlining a complete picture of what systems based on knowledge-driven AI are, and how they can support decisions concerning ELET in education – Improving decision support in education – Advising policymakers to support the implementation of the education ecosystems at the local level Stay informed about the project’s progress and upcoming events through the project website ( and LinkedIn page (


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