Annual ECVET Forum Malta 2017

Annual ECVET Forum 2017 took place on the 19 and 20 of October 2017 in Malta. It was focused on the role of ECVET to inspire action towards more flexible vocational pathways.
The conference was held in a good atmosphere and had inspiring head speakers in the working groups were inspiring. Their introductions to the theme were clearly actual. The moderators motivated the assembly and were very present, which meant that participants were alert on speakers and the actions that took part throughout the whole conference.

Annette Kay, SOSU Sjaelland (Denmark)

ECVET in Finland
We all know that Finland from the beginning enrolled the ECVET system into their national system from the beginning. One of the main speakers, Kirsi Lournela, Finnish ECVET expert, reported from the system in Finland and how fantastic it is implemented in VET. What is important in Finnish case is that the vocational qualification system is very similar to ECVET. In addition, it is totally implemented in the learner mobility and the lifelong learning side. It means that focus is on learning outcomes before, during and after mobility. In particular, the focus is on a documentary work when students are going abroad in learning mobility and therefore the MoUs, Learning Agreements and Europass are widely used in learner mobility.

Working Group
One of the working groups I took part in was very actual and comparable to the Danish system and especially with focus on apprentices’ and the employers’ involvement in learners’ mobility. The group of participants counted both teachers, supervisors, representatives from labour market (both employers and unions). Again, I was convinced that this makes the best system that all parties are active in building up the system around the students’ national and international learning mobility.

Organisation of conference
Another very interesting part of the organization of the Annual Forum was the way that activities were built up. At first hand, topics were suggested by participants and on this way groups were formed. The proposer was then also responsible for reporting back to the plenary sitting. Participants could stay and discuss as long as they were interested and then go on to another group.

Students reports
Also students from Malta took part in the Annual Forum and reported from their long term mobility stay in other countries. We got a very good impression of their learning mobility abroad and in what way they developed themselves as well professionally as personally.

Results from the conference and evaluations of working groups were reported in plenary and can be find here.


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