Arne Martin Hansen-Krone

In 1981 Arne started his apprenticeship as an electrician after graduating from Nordreisa vocational school.  Unfortunately, an accident at work disabled further work in that field. He then took education in trade and office work. In 1995 he graduated from teachers’ education as a teacher in English, Social studies, and Social Economics.

In August 1995 he started working as an English and Social studies teacher at Nome vocational school. Throughout the years he has been teaching those subjects to students from all fields available at Nome vocational school. This was his main occupation until February 2014 when he was appointed department manager for both the technological-and the hairdressing studies as well as the core subject teachers. In 2018 Nome vocational school started working with internationalization. Arne gradually became head of that and was also a driving force for Nome to become a member of the EfVET (as the first Norwegian organization). In addition to the internationalization work Arne is also responsible for the pedagogical development and day-to-day operations of 20 teachers in different subjects including all subjects regarding Electrical and computer technology, and core subjects such as Mathematics, Natural science, Social science, English, Norwegian and Physical Education.

From 2015 to 2019 Arne was elected as a member of the regional board (Telemark county) in Norway’s largest teachers trade union, Utdanningsforbundet (UDF). This also included being a member of a leadership council at the national level of UDF.

From 2020 Nome vocational school has participated in three different strategic partnerships internationally (Erasmus+ KA201, 202 and 210), as coordinators of one and partner in two. We also have accreditation for mobilities (Erasmus+ KA120/121) until 2027. Arne is, and has been, in charge of these projects.

Arne is driven by his passion for VET and international cooperation.

“I am very grateful that I have been given the opportunity to represent my Norwegian EfVET colleagues. I will, in collaboration with the other Norwegian members, do my best to promote knowledge about EfVET in Norway. I will also work to promote international relations between Norway and the rest of the EfVET members.”

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