Become a Digital Competence Facilitator!

DC4WORK – Work Based Learning in a digital age – Promoting digital competences for better employability and innovation, Erasmus + Project just launch an online course to become a Digital Competence Facilitator. The DC4WORK project aims to develop a training curriculum with teaching and training material for SME referenced to the wants of the European “Digital Competence Framework” and the demands of work-based-learning 4.0.

Following the main goal of the project, DC4WORK consortium is pleased to announce the opening of the online course. This course presents methods for digital competence self-learning and group facilitation at workplaces. It also offers ideas for collaboration with educational institutions and implementation of Open Badges for staff development. At the end of the course, you may apply and earn Open Badge as a recognition of your competency as Digital Competence Facilitator.
The course is a part of a Toolbox 4.0, which is created in DCWORK, ‘Learning at Work in a Digital Age – Promoting Digital Competences for Employability and Innovation’. The course is open for a limited time only between 23.4.2019 to 15.5.2019.

Enrol in the course.

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