bEUnique – Different Backgrounds – Same Opportunities in today’s Europe

Esprominho took part in the third learning activity of the Erasmus+KA2 project “bEUnique – Different Backgrounds – Same Opportunities in today’s Europe” which took place in KALAMARIAS, Thessaloniki, Greece.

Esprominho (Portugal)

This project aims at debating and erasing discrimination in schools, particularly among young people belonging to minorities in each partner country (Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, Greece and Poland). The first mobility took place in Turin (Italy) in February 2018 and was followed by another one in Velingrad (Bulgaria) in April 2019.

During this third learning activity, the participants had the opportunity to interact with refugees and migrants from Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and to learn more about their culture and traditions. Teachers and students involved loved to see the Theatrical performance “Walls” by the Language Voice Theatre at the Cultural Centre of Kalamaria, about discrimination and intolerance towards minorities. After the play, the students took part in a debate about the integration of refugees in different countries around the world.

During this week, the participating schools made presentations about refugees and minorities’ situation in each country. This experience was also a great opportunity to enjoy beautiful places such as Thessaloniki museum and Kalamaria, the White Tower, and the Archaeological Museum of Vergina.


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