Two years ago, Esprominho was hosting the first Transnational meeting of the Erasmus+ project bEUnique – Different backgrounds – same opportunities in today’s Europe (2017-1-RO01-KA219-037240_7) coordinated by the Romanian institution Colegiul National Mihai Viteazul, Sfantu Gheorghe, today this project is coming to the end.

Esprominho (Portugal)

This project has enabled more than 80 students and 40 teachers to participate in Learning, Teaching and Training activities in the participating countries Italy, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania and Portugal as well as more than ten teachers to participate in Short term staff training activities.

This project was an opportunity for all the participants involved in:

  • improving their foreign language skills (English language) by communicating with the other participants and through the lessons;
  • gaining knowledge in fields they had never been acquainted with before, by attending the CLIL lessons and workshops;
  • expressing themselves about discrimination and how they feel about that;
  • finding out about other realities (migrants backgrounds and situation);
  • being motivated to take part in other international activities;
  • finding out more about different cultures and traditions;
  • making new friends around the European Union.

By participating in this project, Esprominho, as well as the other participating schools, had the chance to:

  • assess the level of discrimination existing in their schools;
  • observe students reaction when debating the topic of discrimination;
  • enhance and increase responsibilities and awareness of the students as regards democratic values;
  • involve students with economical or/and cognitive difficulties to take part in international activities;
  • motivate other students to take part in international activities;
  • internationalize and promote their activities;
  • to increase students, staff, and teachers personal, social and cultural skills;
  • to increase the number of lessons and workshops carried out with the project CLIL scenarios.

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