BIRGIT 3rd TPM (Perugia, IT)

BIRGIT 3rd TPM (Perugia, IT)

The 3rd Translational Project Meeting of BIRGIT project was held between April 4th and 5th, in Perugia (IT).

Hosted by Forma.Azione, this meeting gathered all partners around the planning of the next activities of the project, focused on the delivery of PR2 Localization of existing courses and on the design of the training course (aligned with EQF level 5) that integrates BIM ((Building Information Models) and GIS (Geographic Information Systems) in the scope of PR3 Development of new courses.

Cooperating with Ocellus (BIRGIT Coordinator) for the dissemination of the project, EfVET contributed for the discussions held, which included the production of the next dissemination materials and the delivery of the project’s Multiplier Events, in 2024.

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