BIRGIT Project Advances: Highlights from the 5th Transnational Partners’ Meeting in Varaždin

EfVET is a full partner of BIRGIT Filling skill gaps in BIM-GIS integration, an Erasmus+ funded project focused on catering for the need to update VET courses with training materials that allow students to develop skills and knowledge for a successful integration of Building Information Modelling (BIM) with Geographic Information System (GIS  technologies, crucial for areas such as Construction, Engineering or Architecture.

The 5th Transnational Partners’ Meeting (TPM) of BIRGIT project took place in Varaždin, hosted by the Croatian partner Sveučilište Sjever / University North, between June 18th and 19th, in parallel with theConference “COBGI2024 Challenges and Opportunities in BIM-GIS Integration”, which gathered professionals and experts from the BIM and GIS fields to discuss the challenges and opportunities of integrating both technologies to foster smart and sustainable cities.

This hybrid Conference had around 60 participants attending, to whom BIRGIT project was presented at the beginning of the first day by Professor Anders Östman, from NOVOGIT AB, one of BIRGIT Swedish partners.

After this presentation, all BIRGIT partners gathered (in person and online) to discuss and agree on relevant issues for the implementation of the project’s initiatives until its conclusion, in January 2025:

  • Organisation of pilot sessions with learners to test BIRGIT learning materials;
  • Alignment of BIRGIT learning materials with the EQAVET framework, for quality assurance purposes;
  • Translation of all learning materials into the languages of the partnership, so they are available on the BIRGIT website for all interested teachers and learners;
  • Finalisation of the Report on the testing and updating of BIRGIT learning material, which will allow to fine-tune all materials before making them publicly available;
  • Organisation of the different Multiplier Events across the countries represented in the project (Belgium, Croatia, Italy, Spain and Sweden).

EfVET will not host any pilot session, but will be welcoming BIRGIT partners, in Brussels (BE) for the final meeting of this project, later in November.

BIRGIT Training Course is comprised of three modules, each of which with their respective topics:

  • Introduction to BIM;
  • BIM-GIS Integration;
  • 3D GIS, City Models and Digital Twins.

For more information about BIRGIT, its results and activities, please access our website. You can also follow the project on LinkedIn.

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