Training on Building Information Models Integrated with Geographical Information


Both in the public and private sectors, the construction and geospatial (mapping) industry is demanding new approaches for urban planning, asset design and management. In order to reduce costs, environmental impact and carbon footprints, one of the fundamental approaches in this developments is to bring together BIM and GIS technologies (Building Information Models and Geographic Information Systems, respectively). This would lead to an increased efficiency of the construction processes and asset management, including buildings, roads, and other essential public facilities. The BIM/GIS integration also helps to create a more sustainable and flexible transportation infrastructure and to design infrastructure investments with a reduced negative social, economic and environmental impact. However, the data integration of these sectors requires high expertise from professionals of both domains. According to surveys within stakeholders, there is a lack of skilled personnel and VET courses addressing the competencies required to achieve BIM/GIS integration.

BIRGIT aims to bridge the gap between supply and demand on these skills by increasing the quality of the existing VET offer by developing new courses. The expected general impact will be the improvement of quality of the VET programs within the partnership and the possibility of using these courses by other training providers as well.

The project will implement different activities:

  • Investigate the market requirements
  • Adaptation of existing BIM/GIS training materials from the participating VET providers to different languages and national needs
  • Development of new courses for specific skills and competences required by the industry
  • Assessment and test of the developed courses and related learning outcomes in the context of real training actions conducted by the participating organisation

BIRGIT expects that GIS professionals will recognise the importance and capabilities of BIM and understand its information structure. Further, they will know how to harmonize and use the building  information in their studies and integrate it in their databases. On the other side, by learning how to use GIS data in their workflows, BIM developers and AEC professionals (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) will achieve greater understanding and access to valuable information to be analysed and used for decision-making.

Call: KA220-VET – Cooperation partnerships in vocational education and training

Project no.: 2021-1-SE01-KA220-VET-000028000


  • Ocellus Information Systems AB (Sweden)


  • Novogit AB, Sweden
  • GISIG Geographical Information Systems International Group Associazione, Italy
  • Azione SRL, Italy
  • Asociación de la Industria Navarra, Spain
  • Sveuciliste Sjever, Croatia
  • EfVET, Belgium


Start: 01/02/2022 – End: 31/01/2025


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