Boosting Women Entrepreneurship Education In Tourism and Hospitality in Sub-Saharan Africa

INCOMA’s new project WITH, part of CBVet, started in January. It seeks to promote the #employability of young African women in the tourism and hospitality sector. The project not only provides training to women but also collaborates with private and public vocational training centres and establishes networks with local companies in Uganda, Malawi, Nigeria, and South Africa.

The project Aims are:

1. To empower young women

on the soft skills and personal and social competences to succeed as intrapreneurs, entrepreneurs and business owners in the tourism and hospitality industry.

2. To support VET trainers and educators

in updating their knowledge and practices aligned with labour market needs and international practices on sustainable development and sustainable tourism and hospitality, and in acquiring new pedagogical methods to deliver experiential learning VET opportunities.

3. To introduce, promote and raise awareness

on the concept of sustainable tourism and hospitality as part of VET programmes, non-formal and lifelong learning initiatives, thus helping to skill future professionals, intrapreneurs, entrepreneurs and business owners to be agents for sustainable development in SSA countries.

4. To boost

the definition of demand-oriented and competence-based VET pathways and increase experiential learning opportunities through reinforced links between public and private institutions active in the field of VET and stakeholders active in the labour market.

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