Building Bridges through Education: Erasmus+ Training in Portugal with Learning Together

Learning Together (LT), a well-established training provider in Portugal, brings over 20 years of experience to the table. Our extensive course offerings encompass a wide range of areas, including Science & Technology, Culture & Integration, Skills & Communication, and much more. We take pride in our highly specialized trainers who possess exceptional credentials and expertise, ensuring the delivery of top-notch training. LT mission is dedicated to upholding the core values of European citizenship and culture, actively embodying this vision in all of our activities and with every person.

To foster effective learning, we employ innovative methodologies that align with our commitment to excellence. Our dedicated support team is always on hand to guide and assist participants at every stage of their experience, offering comprehensive support before, during, and after their mobility in Portugal. At Learning Together, we are deeply passionate about creating an exceptional and inclusive experience for all our participants, embracing the spirit of Erasmus. By joining our courses, participants will be able to get a closer look at the richness of the Portuguese cultural heritage recognized by Unesco, in the cities of Porto, Lisbon, and on the island of Madeira. We offer a variety of Erasmus+ course formats tailored to meet diverse needs, including Structured Courses, VET (Vocational Education and Training), Job shadowing, Adult Education, and School Education. This extensive range allows us to customize our offerings to cater to the specific requirements and goals of each participant. In the context of Erasmus+ Key Action KA1 projects, we offer a wide variety of structured courses that cover an array of areas. Participants have the freedom to choose courses in fields such as STEM, ICT, Healthcare, Sustainability, Communication, Coaching, Leadership, Culture, Integration, Languages, and much more. With our team of highly specialized trainers, participants can expect exceptional instruction and professional growth. At Learning Together, we prioritize personalized VET mobility experiences and learning outcomes for each student. By carefully selecting reference partners with unique experiences, we have established partnerships across various economic sectors. This diverse range of options allows us to effectively tailor our programs to meet the specific learning objectives of our participants. Job shadowing, a short-term mobility format within the Erasmus+ Program, offers a valuable professional development opportunity. Through job shadowing, teachers can enhance their teaching skills, explore new teaching methodologies, and gain an international perspective on education.

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