Business transfer in SME


Coordinator: Jos Paulusse

Starting / Ending Date: 1-10-2009 / 30-9-2011

Summary: Business transfer in small and medium sized enterprises (BT in SME) concerns the transfer from parents to child or children or outside the family to employees or to strangers. Vocational education has no part in this process while the elements of this process are important study subjects in vocational education: economics and tax regulations, business administration, social communication within the family, management, marketing and business strategies.
Parents aims continuation of their business within the family, withdraw from their business with good feelings and have a pension.
Transfers within the family decrease in NL while in some other countries the transfer is hindered or slowed down by parents who cannot let go their company. The need for preparation is clear because transfers may cause troubles within the family, participants are not well informed about the rules (administration / tax) and many companies close down without any transfer and with loss of employment and investments.
BT develops a model that prepares in time students and parents for business transfer for the theoretical part.
Outcomes: a tested business transfer program (model; manual; website)
Added value: the situation in European countries is comparable although the numbers differ; there is a positive influence on the success of transfer if the transfer is well prepared and this is positive for employability and return on investments and for the ‘pension’ of parents.


Founding Agency: Lifelong learning program of the EC

Partners: Avans Hogeschool, Breda, NL, Peter ter Horst; EEP, N; Syntra-Limburg, BE; EfVET; Berufsförderungswerk Nürnberg, DE; Kaunas Regional Innovation Centre, BPE, NL; ISCAP, PT.


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