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CANDI Project – 2nd TNM in Valencia

At the beginning of October, our second transnational project meeting for the CANDI project was held in Valencia. It was a great opportunity to catch up with the CANDI team and plan the next steps together.

During the meeting, we met our future CANDI trainers who participated in the first part of the training to learn about the CANDI approach and check out the CANDI blended learning platform.

Here is a sublimated overview of the key points covered during our transnational meeting:

  • Project Status and Partner Updates: The meeting started with updates from our partners, ensuring everyone is on the same page.
  • Project Timeline and Deliverables: Our project’s timeline and key deliverables as well as our roadmap for success were reviewed.
  • Updating Risk Register: Assessed and updated our risk register to prepare for potential challenges.
  • Curriculum and Platform Presentation: The current status of our curriculum and digital platform is presented, feedback is welcome
  • Platform Improvements: Platform functionalities and enhancements were discussed collaboratively.
  • Train-the-Trainer Preparation: The planning and logistics for our Train-the-Trainer sessions were finalized.
  • Dissemination Strategy: Our strategy for effectively communicating project achievements updated
  • Quality Assurance and Evaluation: Project quality and discussed performance evaluated
  • T-o-T Final Preparations: Final arrangements for the upcoming Training-of-Trainers sessions updated

This meeting strengthens our commitment to transferring digital skills knowledge from Germany and Spain to Albania and Bosnia Herzegovina.

Special thanks to the host Mediterraneo International Center for the warm welcome and the organization of such a great event for so many people!

Thank you to all participants and partners!

AFBB Dresden, Germany, Shkolla e mesme profesionale Charles Telford Erickson, JU High School Center Hadžići, FHD – Fachhochschule Dresden,  AlbanianSkills, Public institution Mixed secondary school Gračanica official page, Shkolla Profesionale Teknike Korçë, “Karl Gega” School

Stay tuned for more updates on our hashtag CANDI project journey!

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