Centre for Research and European Studies – future business

Effebi Association together with other nine organisations, launched the Association CRES-Centre for Research and European Studies – future business on 25 January in Rome.

Effebi Association (Italy)

The Association aims to implement studies, research and European projects, in order also to enhance active citizenship and to promote European policies in the area of education and training.

The two initial Promoters of this initiative are

  • Finance & Banking – Organizational and HR Development Association – Effebi Ass.
  • Multimedia Academic Global – MAG

The Vision of CRES is to make quality lifelong learning, education and training reality for everyone in order to enhance economic growth and social inclusion and to boost employability opportunities across Europe. While the Mission is to strengthen the cooperation among the Members and to develop professionality in line with the market needs.

The main Thematic Areas of activities defined by the Statute are:

  • Development for social and economic growth;
  • Education, training and social inclusion;
  • ICT & digital and technological innovation;
  • Quality Assurance.

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