CLI.C.K FOR SCHOOLS: the climate change kit ready to use

CLI.C.K FOR SCHOOLS, the educational kit dedicated to climate change, is ready to use! 

While people around the world are becoming more and more aware of climate change and its dramatic consequences, CLI.C.K FOR SCHOOLS project ends its activities being recognised as good practice. 

The KA2 Erasmus+ project CLI.C.K FOR SCHOOLS, meaning “Climate Change Kit for Secondary schools”, brought together 4 schools and 4 organisations specialised in environmental education from France, Italy, Greece, and Croatia. The partners shared one common goal: to create an educational kit dedicated to climate change in the Euro-Mediterranean region intended for 11-15-year-old students and their teachers. 

With the good practice recognition, we may say the goal has been attained. The results of the project are now gathered on the website, which promotes and capitalises educational resources on environmental topics and climate change. The website and the materials are available in 5 EU languages (EN, FR, IT, HR, GR). 

Regarding the educational kit in details.

First of all, the project created 6 thematic educational programs on the following topics: water, biodiversity, eco-mobility, energy, major natural risks, and climate change. The educational programs highlight the link between knowledge, activities, and projects, that are the main core of the CLI.C.K. FOR SCHOOL kit. 

The knowledge sheets aim to provide a basic knowledge on 11 environment-related topics, such as the carbon cycle, the greenhouse effect the water cycle. These knowledge sheets turn to be useful when developing the activities and the projects created by CLI.C.K FOR SCHOOLS. In particular, the activities sheets offer 24 games, explorations, experimentation, and other activities that teachers can easily implement in their classroom. Some examples of activities are: “Experiment about CO2 impact on Earth temperature”, “The impact of climate change on the extinction of bees”, “Towards a sustainable transport Mobility”. 

Then the project sheets present 17 pedagogical projects, aiming to engaging students in becoming ecocitizens. The projects can involve students for weeks or months, as they propose long-term activities in order to foster a real commitment and a behavioural change in daily actions. 

Following a multidisciplinary approach, the created materials address several competences needs, meaning that they concern not only science skills, but also maths, chemistry, geography, civic education, and others. 

Last but not least, the project also created a digital and interactive game that can make young students more aware about the impact of their decisions and actions. 

As the European Union is committing more and more in becoming greener, we are pleased with the results of CLI.C.K. FOR SCHOOLS project, which offer teachers and trainers high quality resources to better develop environmental education for the young generation. 

On behalf of Apro Formazione, we would like to thank the leading organisation of the project UNION APARE CME and Collège Jean Garcin (France), Osnovna skola Pucisca and Udruga za otocni razvoj Brac (Croatia), Mesogeiako Kentro Perivallontos and Kentro Perivallontikis Ekpaidefsis Argyroupolis (Greece), and Cooperativa ERICA (Italy). 

If interested in the project and wish to know more, do not hesitate to contact

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