Gender gap Speakers and organizers of the rewire info day posting in front of the banner of EfVET and the one from EVTA

Closing the gender gap on Cybersecurity through VET

On November 29th, a collaborative effort between EfVET and EVTA unfolded in the form of an insightful Info Day. The event centered around the unveiling of the REWIRE project and the launch of its meticulously developed courses. However, the occasion went beyond a mere presentation, having a highlight on the gender gap.

The presence of Hervé Docq, Director at Technobel, added a valuable dimension. Docq eloquently underscored the critical role of Vocational Education and Training (VET) in addressing the cybersecurity skills gap. He provided a comprehensive overview of Technobel’s engagement in the intersection of cybersecurity and education.

Norman Rohner, Policy Officer at ALL Digital, emphasized the imperative of cybersecurity literacy for everyone navigating the online realm. His talk stressed the importance of basic cybersecurity knowledge and safety practices. Additionally, Rohner introduced, a platform facilitating self-reflection on digital skills, aligning with the 6 proficiency levels of DigComp 2.1.

Mathews Jose, R&D Engineer at the University of Lorraine in France, delved into the REWIRE project, offering insights into the cybersecurity skills gap, key challenges, and potential solutions. The presentation showcased REWIRE’s courses and the virtual learning environment, eliciting enthusiasm from the audience to partake in this transformative learning experience.

Saskia Brugman, Operational Coordinator at Women4Cyber, took the stage to address the pressing issue of the gender gap in cybersecurity. Women4Cyber, a non-profit private foundation, is dedicated to promoting, encouraging, and supporting women’s participation in cybersecurity. Brugman presented alarming statistics, revealing that only 25% of cybersecurity professionals are women, with a notable decline as age increases. Moreover, the majority of professionals are white men.

To combat this disparity, Women4Cyber has implemented three impactful programs:

  1. Mentorship Programmes
  2. Women4Cyber Academy
  3. Scholarships

These initiatives are designed to empower women and minority groups by providing them with opportunities for job placement and upskilling in cybersecurity. The ultimate goal is to dismantle barriers and foster a more inclusive European cybersecurity landscape.

The gender gap in cybersecurity is closely tied to educational disparities, making Women4Cyber’s initiatives instrumental in bridging this divide.

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