CNC training organised by IUS Lifelong Learning Center

CNC training organised by IUS Lifelong Learning Center in the pandemic time

After the main lockdown ended, IUS Lifelong Learning Center organised a CNC course and attracted a group of enthusiasts who wanted to acquire new skills from the technical field. On October 22, 2020, this six-week practical training was completed and certificates of attendance were awarded. In this group, three young ladies attended the training wanting to break the prejudice that this type of training is only for men. We are pleased that the number of girls interested in CNC training is growing, proving that CNC is for girls too.
What after the training, we asked our attendees?
We heard a lot of fresh ideas! Merima Pirija, an art teacher, has an entrepreneurial mindset and wants to establish a start-up with her brother who is a mechanical technician. They plan to make souvenirs, gifts, decorations, and contribute to the tourist offer of their city. Lejla and Minela want to find a job as a CNC operator in the machine or wood industry. A graduate in mechanical engineering, Nihad Omeragic told us that he is from the “old school” and he needed this training to upgrade his existing skills.
IUS Life congratulates the participants on the completed training and thanks them for placing their trust and confidence in our work.
The next CNC training starts on 03/11/2020 at 16:30. Want to sign up? Click on this link.

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