COACHBOT Project – Aims and Objectives
The project aims at designing a new model of adult distance education, addressed to home health care professionals, based on an e-learning methodology that combines the Conversational Agent Technology (chatbot) with an adhoc designed modular learning path.

A new on-line professional, the “Virtual Coach” supports participants individually inside the modular e-course.

Target group and beneficiary sector

The health care professional system is a set of integrated services and interoperating teams. The skill base is very broad and training is needed across wide range of (e.g. from consultants to cleaners) positions.

The COACHBOT project intends to respond to the training needs of the health care system, testing an innovative training methodology addressed to home health care professionals.

The Pilot course

The project pilot course, addressed to home health care professionals, aims at testing the COACHBOT innovative e-learning methodology.

The e-course focuses on medical and psychological issues, national and European health laws and social and ethical aspects of home health care assistance.

Project partners:

1. Consorzio FOR.COM. Formazione per la Comunicazione (Italy)
2. Aarhus Social and Health Care College (Denmark)
3. Gruppo Pragma S.r.l. (Italy)
4. Romanian Society for Lifelong Learning (Romania)
5. Secondary school of nursing Ljubljana (Slovenia)
6. Norton Radstock College (United Kingdom)
7. Seed Association (Switzerland)

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