COMEET+ Communities as Inqubator of tomorrow’s entrepreneurs.

The evidence indicates that there is clearly some correlation between the provision of entrepreneurial learning and future entrepreneurial behaviour

MateraHub (Italy)

comeet-01COMEET+ is based on the idea that community actors such as parents, youth educators, community workers and teachers can play an essential role in the encouragement of entrepreneurial behaviour or young people. We believe that the educational community, especially families and community actors, have an essential role to foster entrepreneurship skills in young people. These skills will be decisive to increase new chances for developing future scenarios and employment in young people. In addition, these skills will help them to imagine and create a better environment and new opportunities.

The COMEET+ programme consist of a blended methodology that tackles essential parts of the process of entrepreneurial learning. Is is aimed for adults with little or basic previous experience but a will to contribute to develop develop the entrepreneurial mindset in young people.

We have designed a 30 hours group course for members of the educational community supported by an on-line course. This model has been tested by an european group of family members, teachers, youth workers and community actors that have actively review the on-line learning platform and attended the European Training held in Matera, Italy during 5 days in May.  We are currently implementing their feedback to come up with a useful and efficient solution that can satisfy our different target groups.

The COMEET+ on-line course ‘Entrepreneurial Skills for educators and families’, is already available although we are implementing the last improvements and on September 2017 we will launch an updated version. By joining the course, parents, community actors and teachers are given the knowledge and tools to inspire youngsters to become more entrepreneurial. All modules include engaging activities making the COMEET+ course not only informative but also fun.

The course consists of 5 modules:

  • Entrepreneurial Families: This module is aimed to all families willing to get an introductory training in entrepreneurial skills and to understand what is entrepreneurship as a competence.
  • Creativity: Students need authentic, practical experiences and realistic learning environments as essential parts of active learning. This module provides an  varied new range of resources in order to build activities for young people that are as true to life as possible, bringing the outside world into the school.
  • Teamwork & Cooperative Learning: This module will help you to understand the concept of a “TEAM” and tit’s roles and how to apply several team building activities and games.
  • Self-confidence & Personal Development: This module is intended for all those who wish to know how to develop assertive communication skills and how to increase their self-esteem. At the end of this Module, young people will be able to master the concepts of self-confidence and self-esteem and communicate assertively.
  • Spotting Opportunities: In order to start a business, having a business idea is the first step. This module aims at providing to teachers the necessary theoretical knowledge about spotting opportunities, a sample of activities on how you can help students generate ideas and tools for selecting those ideas that have higher possibilities to become successful ventures.

Besides theory and activities, the course includes link to further reading and it enables users to talk to peers by means of the forum.

Start inspiring young people to be more entrepreneurial in their everyday life now and join the COMEET+ programme!


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