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After the conclusion of the Erasmus+ project “Trio to success”, the MEP Agnieszka Kozłowska-Rajewicz (Employment Committee of the EU Parliament) and an official delegation of the local Government of Poznan (Poland) have visited Cometa Formazione for a 2-days study visit focused on the organizational, pedagogical and social methods of the VET school.

Cometa (Italy)

The aim of the visit (April 12th-14th) was the analysis of the practices and the potential transferability of some of them into the Polish context. In particular the Poznan delegates have proposed the establishment of a direct partnership between Cometa Formazione and the VET schools of Poznan for, namely, students exchange in terms of internships and training of Polish teachers and trainers on the school-enterprise model and tutoring approach. During the visit, the delegation was involved in a direct contact with teachers and tutors during their daily activities, as well as a seminar and Q&A session in the wood workshop. Lunches and dinners have been hosted by the school canteen (managed by teachers and students) and by the cafeteria Anagramma (employing Cometa disabled former students).

A meeting with local authorities has been organized, in order to share with the local area of Lake Como, the advantages of an international relationship with Poznan, one of the most innovative cities in Poland. The Mayor of Como and one Member of the Parliament for the constituency of Como met Mrs Kozłowska-Rajewicz and the Deputy Mayor of Poznan, establishing a preliminary dialogue for a perspective collaboration in the business and educational sectors in the two areas.

«VET is a crucial issue – said Kozłowska-Rajewicz – due to the European priority given to employability, facing problems including NEETs and dropout. Our aim is finding best practices to work with. I met Cometa Formazione and I am glad to know their models of School-Enterprise and Reality-based learning, which I mentioned in the last Report of the Employment Committee for the European Commission as an inspiring approach for the European system».

Cometa Formazione has also proposed to disseminate across Polish schools the great opportunity to attend the EfVET 2018 Lake Como Conference, whose main topics include innovation, inclusion and quality in VET.

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