Completion of the TELEGROW project

Completion of the TELEGROW project

The last partners’ meeting took place on February 7


The TELEGROW project, focused on the creation of training tools to improve teleworking in middle-aged workers, held last February 7th at the facilities of Florida Universitària (Catarroja, Valencia-Spain) the last Transnational Project Meeting prior to the end of the project, scheduled for February 28, 2023.

The meeting discussed the activities pending completion as well as future actions to be jointly developed once the project is completed, such as the use of the project results (training guides and modules, digital platform, etc.), the quality and dissemination of the project, development of new joint projects, etc.

At the meeting, all partners reviewed and definitively approved the project activities which have already been successfully completed during the 2 years of the project, resulting in the following products or Intellectual Outputs (IO):

– IO1: “Telegrow Interactive Report” You can download the report HERE. This product is an interactive map where users will click on a country and get information on telework. The most demanded skills are presented statistically according to the answers to the questionnaires, and an additional comparative graph presents the deviations in skills for each group.

– IO2: “Guide on How to Stay gOLD” You can download the report HERE. “How to Stay gOLD Training Guide” is a digital soft skills guide on work-life balance and a modular training tool with transversal skills applied in telework contexts focused on maintaining the balance between personal and professional life.

– IO3: “How to TeleGrow Old Training Modules”. You can download HERE:

Containing 6 modules:

Module 1: Introduction: Welcome to Digital Transformation

Module 2: IT Basics Module

3: Digital Communication & Collaboration

Module 4: Social Media Management

Module 5: Digital Project Management tools

Module 6: Online Safety Basics All modules were tested in a one-week Training Activity in Larisa (Greece) which served to test and validate the training modules.

– IO4: Telegrow Hub: This is an e-learning platform with the 6 modules, divided into two sub-platforms (one for VET learners and the other for VET providers) that offer extra help to the target groups’ skills development. You can enter HERE.

The TELEGROW project aims to support trainers by providing them with knowledge on teleworking and offering them innovative means to attract adult learners. The project will equip trainers and VET centers and providers with the digital skills, knowledge and tools necessary to enable their teachers, and staff in general, over the age of 50 to telework effectively, thus adapting to the new reality of teleworking in the current pandemic situation. ‘Telegrow’ is funded by the Erasmus+ Program (KA226 – Partnerships for Digital Education Readiness in Vocational Education and Training) and its period of execution is from March 1st 2021 to February 28th, 2023.

The consortium is the following: – Florida Universitària (Spain), Coordinator – Stowarzyszenie Centrum Wspierania Edukacji I Przedsiebiorczosci – Cwep – (Poland) – Kainotomia & Sia EE (Greece) – Euro-Net (Italy) – Markeut Skills, S.L – Meus (Spain) – Initiation Des Seniors Aux Ntic Association – E-Seniors – (France)

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