Consultation on the Communication from the European Commission

Rethinking Education: Investing in skills for better socio-economic outcomes
Vocational education and training for better skills, growth and jobs
The “Rethinking Education” Communication supports the Member States by identifying a range of issues relevant for improving the efficiency of education and training systems. Recent Cedefop data shows that, at the medium level, European VET graduates are more successfulthan candidates from general education in finding employment. This applies in particular to graduates from VET programmes with strong workplace orientation. The same data also shows that VET candidates are better paid than candidates from general education, even if this decreases over time. However, enrolments, attractiveness and quality of VET vary significantly across countries.
In order to discover the current situation in a range of Member States, EfVET conducted an on-line survey of members, basing questions on the issues raised in the “Rethinking Education” document.
We would like to thank the 35 EfVET Members who forwarded a response to the survey.
A synopsis of these responses from our members in 12 European States has been uploaded on to the EfVET website ( so you can view the responses from each country. If your own country does not appear, perhaps you could submit some information to me ( and I shall add your comments to the main document.
It is intended that this paper will be submitted by EfVET to the European Commission to assist the Commission in its aim to improve the quality and effectiveness of VET provision throughout the EU as outlined in the “Rethinking Education” documents.

Geoff Scaplehorn

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