CORAL START-UP LABs : to wake up entrepreneur’s skills !

CORAL START-UP LABs : to wake up entrepreneur’s skills!

CORAL is a European project aiming to promote entrepreneurship and to design online training modules and tools to facilitate the training of job seekers – grassroot entrepreneurs throughout Europe. CORAL tools are based upon the European framework ENTRECOMP.

The Erasmus + project CORAL was launched by ALFMED in September 2019 with partners from 8 European countries: Italy, Malta, Spain, Poland, UK, Sweden, Czech Republic with a goal to support long term unemployed people in building skills through an online platform for starting their own business.

As the two-year cycle of the project life has come to its end, despite slight delays caused by international pandemic situation, the produced tools and materials are now available, ready to be used, to inspire and to motivate long-term unemployed adults and more, throughout Europe to launch their own start-ups or simply to improve their entrepreneurial skills.

CORAL methodology has been an object and a high goal of these last two years for 9 European organisations from 8 different countries, each – leading the realisation of tools and materials in their own language: FRENCH, ENGLISH, ITALIAN, SPANISH, CZECH, POLISH, SWEDISH.

For example, one of the first elaborations in the frames of this project has been the creation of an online guide to motivate job seekers to create their own company – CORAL e-book. This online tool was conceived to provide practical information and forms of storytelling that could have a strong inspirational and motivational impact on CORAL participants and on other adult learners interested in setting up their own company: embark on entrepreneurship!!

Recently, the partnership was proud to announce a launch of the MOOC online platform and the ‘Start-up’ laboratories that allowed participants to test the results of the project.

To use the CORAL TOOL BOX you can go through 3 Steps and explore your participant’s Entrepreneurial skills and by that to improve them!

CORAL partnership hopes that the methodology and tools of CORAL project will spread around Europe and will have a long-lasting effect in the entrepreneurial world as well as contribute to the creation of new ideas and start-ups of the future. Looking at the feedback given after our piloting phases, we believe that such tool box can be a good lever for teachers/coaches (see here our E-Book that can be used) to wake up learners’ entrepreneurial skills and dreams!



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