D-Tasting: Digital Wine Tasting

Intercollege’s Culinary Arts study programe, is participating in the innovative project D-Tasting: Digital Wine Tasting, funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union, which aims to develop new digital skills in the “Wine and Food” industry.

Tasting in a New Era

Due to the pandemic, a number of new digital practices have been developed to overcome the constraints, especially in relation to mobility and the coexistence of several people in the same space. For example, Digital Tasting is a new activity developed by companies to enable them to stay in touch with their customers during the pandemic period. As a result, new digital practices such as online wine clubs, masterclasses, digital and virtual tasting have been born in the Wine and Food sector.

Digital tasting refers to an interactive, virtual wine and food tasting experience that participants can enjoy from the comfort of their own home, through the use of an online meeting platform (e.g. Zoom). After wine and food shipments, company representatives and interested customers meet online for an interactive tasting experience.

The aim of the D-Tasting project

The D-Tasting project aims to help identify, develop and certify the new digital skills developed during the pandemic.

Specifically, the term “Digital Taster” is an emerging professional skill which refers to the creative combination of traditional and digital skills, required to promote products in the “Wine and Food” sector in a new, digital and post-Covid era.

The project aims to create specialized online educational material and easy-to-use tools and teaching methods for the development of an innovative educational and training programme in the field of “Digital Food & Wine Tasting”.

Project partners

The D-Tasting consortium consists of an international network of partners from 7 different countries: Slovenia, Italy, Cyprus, Portugal, Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland.

For more information about the project and about accessing the project results, please visit the website: https://www.dtasting.eu/

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