DC4WORK training week in Hämeenlinna , Finland

On May 20-22, 2019 partners in involved in DC4WORK project attended the training week in Hämeenlinna, Finland.

Essy Ryymin (HAMK Häme University of Applied Sciences) welcomed the participants and gave an introduction on the policy of the HAMK University of Applied Sciences. The University is a multidisciplinary higher education institution situated centrally in the most populated area of Southerner Finland. In their curricula, they use various online tools for facilitating the studies. The graduate employment rate is one of the highest in Finland as is also the rate of the graduate who starts their own business.

The DC4Work seminar tackle three different phases:

White paper research on “Learning in a digital age – a job-related approach” increases the awareness of digital competences and their workplace-related improvement in SMEs of the two sectors tourism and commerce. It identifies the most required digital competences of SMEs, concrete mismatches between training and required competences as well as the existing flagship initiatives to promote digital competences for SMEs. The research develops recommendations for SMEs training activities focusing on the existing needs in the area of digital competences.

DC4WORK Guidelines for “Digital competence promoter” in SMEs contains the description of training units in terms of objectives, timely structure, methodology and didactics. Promoters use the guidelines to raise awareness of training needs and offer possibilities to develop staff members digital competences.

Online Toolbox 4.0 contains a selection of good practice examples and success stories, recommendations and practical ways to develop digital competences. The toolbox is accessible, attractive and easy to use platform which digital competence promoters and SMEs can utilize.

Startups in Tampere

The seminar included a visit to Tampere Digi Competent SMEs and Start-ups which are trying to stimulate the collaboration and action between all the key ecosystems players. The Startup – Tampere exists to make running a startup easier together with a network of people. They offer support for helping it grow faster and scale up. The strong support from HAME University of Applied Sciences to startups and mentors of Tampere region, international investor contracts and the tightly knit startup community speed up the growth and success of the regional companies.

Digital Skills and Entrepreneurship

Then Ms Minttu Lampinen’s presentation about “Digital Skills and Entrepreneurship” -where it was tackled:

  • The power of social networks
  • Useful tools for the digital marketer
  • Current trends in digital marketing


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