Developing Tolerance in Mutual Understanding in Europe

Ourém Vocational School, from Portugal, has been working with partner schools from Romania (coordinator), Hungary and Turkey, in an Erasmus + KA 2 partnership that represents a combination model of formal and non-formal education, using Arts, ICT and Foreign Languages to promote creativity and innovation. 

Insignare (Portugal)

During the LTTAs and while at schools, partner students have been participating in several activities that have caused very positive impacts:

  • they have developed self-awareness about their skills, abilities and knowledge;
  • hey have expanded their intercultural knowledge and understanding of other European countries, as well as the advantages of belonging to the EU;
  • they have developed their soft skills, such as cooperation, spirit of and group work, as well as decision making (since products were created in mixed groups of students / nationalities), flexibility and adaptation (leaving their comfort zone and working with colleagues from other cultures), communication (tasks were often presented and explained in public), the students’ scholarship was allocated, together with the agenda, previously sent by the host partner, which included the costs, so the young people had to know how to spend carefully the value they received – accommodation, transportation, food, entrance fees to monuments, …), focus on the objectives (when working in groups had a certain period of time, (in selecting, synthesizing and interpreting the facts and assessing the final products they have created and / or debated);
  • they have increased interest in learning / practicing foreign languages ​​and ICT skills, since they have to use English as a working language during working groups in LTTAs, and have learned new software such as questionnaires, image and video editing and processing, and to create online and physical publications.

More details can be found and detailed information can be asked on project’s website and also on etwinning.

We invite all schools that are interested in these topics to come to our site and use these resources, which has proven highly motivational.

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