Digi-VET project brings digitalisation of VET institution to a new level

Digi-VET project brings digitalisation of VET institution to a new level

Digi-VET is a European project with partners from Norway, Denmark, Germany and Portugal, which will work to develop concrete knowledge, description, criteria to better help VET Institutions to improve their own digital educational readiness. Coordinator is EfVET member Prios.

Focus for project is the whole VET institution, including management, teachers, students, and collaboration businesses the school use for learning purposes.

The educational world has many digital tools and digital opportunities to choose from, but even the best solutions need skilled users to maximise the effect.

Digital Pedagogical Strategy

Every VET institution should develop their own Digital Pedagogical Strategy, based on local conditions, objectives, and available resources. Such strategy is mainly a responsibility for school management to take initiative to develop and later to implement. Digi-VET will use already available information, such as SELFI, and develop methods, tools, guidelines and checklists which enable each VET Institution to create and implement their strategy.  An important supporting tool for this work will a new web-based mapping tool to score the Institutions Digital Educational Readiness and provide results in a SWOT model enabling schools to deal with the right issues to improve them self. At this stage we are working to collect needed information’s from schools, please feel free to contribute. Link to the form

Teachers’ digital knowledge

An important part of good digital educational readiness is to know how to use different digital educational resources for creating learning situation which gives students the wanted holistic learning experience.  Learning objectives
– tools supporting learning process
– creation of learning material and skills to use tools.
But also, students’ needs to be familiar and motivated for chosen digital environment and for digital collaboration. Digi-VET will create digital learning content based on developed pedagogical principle, with use of suggested educational software knowledge and development guidelines for practical use of educational resources.  Also, here we like as much feedback as possible from VET teachers. Use this form to share your opinion.

E-Visit – Digital visit to businesses for learning purposes

Close collaboration with business is important for all VET institutions.  Industry involvement in the development and delivery of vocational education and training (VET) is seen as crucial to ensure students have the relevant skills that employers need. For practical reasons most VET institutions collaborate with business and industry in their neighbourhood.

Having digital access to companies as a source for learning, collaborating and job demands is will bring all VET students closer to the common European work market. Each company will have their “reception” where students and classes can meet company online or just investigate their information.

Visiting the workplace can be prepared like a 360-degree presentation video or a 360 presentation photo with learning content

If visit is planned and agreed with the company, students may visit different staff and (video) chat with them, learn more etc.


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