DIGISEL: Digitally Improving Social and Emotional Skills of School Teachers

DIGISEL: Digitally Improving Social and Emotional Skills of School Teachers

M&M is partner in this project funded by Erasmus+ Digisel, a two-year project whose main objective is to support school teachers, both digitally, socially, and emotionally in response to the Covid-19 outbreak improving their competences within social and emotional development within digitalization via developing courses. The project falls under the EU Strategic Partnerships for vet education – Key Action 202 (KA2): Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices.

Our reasons…

Covid-19 pandemic has stuck the regular education and training since December 2019 all over the World. To UNESCO, at the end of April 2020, educational institutions were shut down in 186 countries, affecting approximately 74 of total enrolled learners on the planet. The temporary lockdowns have changed the course of education from regular to a virtual one, resulting in the acceleration of the digital transformation which is a requirement of the 21st century, but it has been discovered during this crisis that teachers are not well-prepared to adapt themselves to the digital teaching approach.

Our goals…

The aim of the Project is to support school teachers, who are the main target group, both digitally, socially, and emotionally in response to the Covid-19 outbreak via developing modules such as “teaching new generation students in primary schools”, “managing the online class effectively” and “defining inter-personal communication processes”, “developing social and emotional behaviors” and “empathy among students in online classes”, “developing creative thinking and problem-solving skills during online courses”, using online methods, techniques and tools in primary education and developing innovatively digital versions of the courses. Each module will be enriched by digital pathway for the creation and usage of the module, content, and activities in theory and video-based, a toolbox including helpful tips/strategies and tools and the section for the assessment tools. Also, an ELearning Platform for the digitized versions of the modules along with releasing academic papers will be developed. As the integration of soft skills is very essential to build not only for schools but also in life -from the early learning experiences in school and beyond, and the needs are globally proved, it is a need to conduct such kind of Project transnationally. Also, the project partners will share their mature experiences, and it will pave the way for having a look at the whole scenario on soft skills from diversified aspects.

The project will make use of the individuals’ experts’ capacity to increase the project outputs. Therefore, the trans-nationalization of the Project will be provided by integration cooperation and will be built on a solid base.

Our courses

– Improving students’ learning capabilities in educational attainment in primary schools

– Effective classroom management and inter-personal communication processes

– Developing virtual empathy and behaviour among students

– Developing creative thinking and problem solving

– How to use online methods, techniques and tools in primary schools

Who we are…

Under the coordination of KUTAHYA DUMLUPINAR UNIVERSITESI (Turkey) and with the partnership of the University of Salerno (Italy), WSB University in Poznan (Poland), University of Lumsa (Italy), M&M Profuture S.L. (Spain), Kütahya Provincial Directorate of Ministry of Education (Turkey) and University of Zagreb (Croatia) as an associated partner, we will work together for the implementation of Digisel Project.

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