Digital-Based Learning

Digital-Based Learning

Digital-Based Learning

Digitisation has increased a lot in education due to the pandemic crisis, which forced us all to teach, learn and work online. It is also claimed that most of our current tasks in the working life will disappear because of technology development and most of the employees will need re-skilling and upskilling in to be able to develop their competences to stay employed.

The digitalisation affects also the learning processes in vocational education and training in different ways. EfVET members as an effective network can put the resources and efforts together and develop the education and training systems by benchmarking, sharing the best practices and delivering all the information available in various networks (Cedefop, VET4EU2, EQF, LLLP, OECD, etc.).

Online courses

Students having no time to cover the distance, need the online courses developed by experts and including qualified pedagogical guidance, too. Sharing the materials and experiences through several projects and seminars as well as webinars lowers the thresholds to make the qualifications and parts of them digital and more accessible to the learners. Online courses and integration of AI to the learning and counselling processes save also the resources and support the green transfer as well as inclusion.

Digital material guidelines

Digital materials include e-textbooks which can provide an interactive interface in which the students have access to multimedia content, interactive presentations, and hyperlinks, for instance. Experiences on the use of animations and different kinds of platforms that support and inspire students and they grasp the concept to be learned more efficiently. Even the most complex topics can be presented in a simple way using animation.


EfVET supports through the European networks and documentation the investments needed to raise the technological level of equipment of the VET providers and their students to get the better access to digital learning. Still, there is also a need for contact learning, too, especially in IVET context.

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