Digital Competences 4.0

The first kick-off meeting DC4WORK took place in Frankfurt (Oder), Germany. The project aim is to make strong use of the positive, promotive perception of digital competences and their importance for employees but also trainees at work, in society and on a political level.

The first meeting was focused on:

  • Intellectual outputs 1, a strategy paper that contains useful recommendation and guidance for SMEs in terms of enhancing digital competences of their staff based on research results and output 2, concrete guidelines for “Digital competence promoters” in SMEs in terms of what they should know and be able to do.
  • Dissemination
  • Financial rules

During the meeting each partner gave a short presentation and a short overview of ideas on the project and digital competences 4.0. Participants received an insight into the European Digital Competence framework as basis for project work.

The first research phase has been discussed, in particular how the partners will research the state of the art regarding the promotion of digital competences in SMEs of the two sectors tourism and commerce in partner countries. Resources and more information can be found gradually on  the DC4WORK website:

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