Digital Tourism final project meeting in San Sebastian, Spain

Digital Tourism final project meeting in San Sebastian, Spain

Due the COVID -19 pandemic situation in the world, project meetings were mostly held remotely, but the final meeting of the Digital Tourism project took place in San Sebastian (Spain). 

Marijo Moreno (CDEA) welcomed the participants and Sérgio Fernandes (INSIGNARE, coordinator) gave an introduction of programme. 

During this final meeting partners analysed the deliverables of the final work packages, evaluation, and dissemination reports. 

The partners believe that combined with well-structured evaluation and monitoring plan and supported by an effective dissemination strategy and a plan for quality assurance, the validation of the assessment criteria and experimentation will produce tangible and persistent outcomes during the project implementation, but across the partners, being the work-based learning expert, was lead the work packages and distributed tasks. In the past few months, each of the WPs’ activities was implemented in Italy, Netherlands, Portugal and Spain.  

As for VET providers, the new qualification reached more than 1000 European organisations. Through partners networks, EfVET wide-transnational network – which includes European and national Policy Makers, EU institutions and others, we were able to bring all relevant outcomes and will still do so beyond the consortium borders.  

Concerning Hospitality organisations, right from the beginning of the project, there was a clear focus to involve them. Hence, Tourism organisation confirmed the existing gap between what they need, concerning staff training and selection, and what schools now offer, related to the Digital Tourism era. More than 5000 organisations got the questionnaire and its supporting information, allowing the consortium to write the deliverable Work Package 4, the “Digital Tourism Organisations European Needs Analysis Report”. 

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