#DiscoverYourTalent: Carl Brebion, 27 years old

Carl Brebion is a 27 years old student who had the chance to attend the 2nd European Vocational Skills Week in Brussels. What do you think are the good points of the VET Week? What you will improve, Carl?

During this few days, everyone was there sharing their own knowledge about VET, apprenticeships and etc.

There are some good points from that:

  • The presence of CEOs and contractors was really interesting because it explains their point of view
    about vocational training.
  • Many nations were represented by trainers, CEOs and trainees. Thanks to their presence, I discovered how vocational training is in other countries.

There are some points, in my opinion, to improve:

  • Trainees are not enough represented and don’t have enough speaking time.
  • Too many CEOs took the floor and only to repeat what was saying earlier
  • The industrial sector was over represented. As a trainee in trade, I wasn’t really involved or interested in those speech.
  • Some appointments between trainees could be organized in order to create links and relationships between them.

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