E-commerce sharing activities and learning

In the context of the PEAL – Partnership in e-commerce sharing activities and learning last  May 2018, 10 students and 5 teachers gathered in Siauliai, Lithuania. They came from Holland, Denmark, Spain and England full of expectations. They knew nothing or very little about Lithuania, but they were about to learn a lot about this fine Baltic country.The day after their arrival they met at the school and were introduced to Šiauliai vocational education and training centre. They spent the rest of the morning being introduced to each other, to the teachers and they also made presentations of their own schools.

Tradium (Denmark)

The following two weeks for students

Below you can read the project description from 1 of the participating companies:

From Private Limited Liability Company “UAB Komeksimas“

Requirement: Šiauliai subdivision encounters a problem while preparing quality and detailed item description and visual material about items, which is necessary for placing them in the e-shop. As well, the company would like to get advice and suggestions how to improve the e-shop.

Students are expected:

  1. To analyze the e-shop and make suggestions for the improvement of the e-shop;
  2. Students will receive an appointed e-shop category and will have to make quality item descriptions and visual item material;
  3. To organize item sales and create promotional trails.

Here is an excerpt from the students’ evaluations:

  • Question: How can you use your acquired skills in your future?

Answer: At a professional level, we have gained knowledge about a new program, we have learned how to take professional pictures for an e-shop and how to make descriptions. At a personal level, we have acquired an international networking between the participants, we have improved our English and cultural knowledge.

The teachers

By now the teachers had a firm grasp on their job at these mobilities. During their stay in Siauliai, they established a joint site on Google, which is now being used for collaboration on material. They are planning a kind of data base with links and other good ideas appearing at the meetings at the partner schools. After the project all participating partners have access to this data base and are invited to share it with others.

The companies

The following 4 companies participated in the program:

  • UAB Komeksimas
  • UAB Rūta
  • MMB Pravers
  • UAB Ruvera

Below you will find some excerpts from the evaluation from the companies:

  • Question: Do you have concrete use of the results of the students’ work with your assignment?

Answers: Of course, during the practice, the e-commerce module (uzkandis.lt) has been launched for us as a way to continue the work and investments we have started. In addition, we have attracted more customers, who are not waiting for the full time when all the websites will be operational. 

During the exchange week, the guy’s started modeling e-shop sokoladinis.lt allows us to check and at the same time to continue and improve our e-commerce. We got a bigger interest in investing in the started e- trading project.

  • Question: Your overall impression of the project:

Answer: We are very excited about the opportunity to provide practice to foreign hard-working students. We are also pleased with the results we have gained as a basis for our company. And the main result is a functioning e-shop.

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