Easy Job Bridge – the one stop shop for Erasmus mobilities turns 10!

Easy Job Bridge is an intermediary organisation located in sunny Malta, an island at the southern tip of Europe. This company has been providing students from all over Europe with high quality mobility and internship services since 2013. What started as a few requests for mobilities from a handful of students, grew into over a thousand mobilities in 2022 and is projected to well exceed that number this year.

Easy Job Bridge aims to be different, we focus on quality and customer relationships, rather than solely on numbers and financials. We build a rapport with our clients and students, so much so, that even I as one of the management team, do not know certain school names by heart! Rather, I would refer to our clients as for example Philippe* from France or Karl* from Germany… this is because we meet our partners whenever we can, we establish a relationship and a friendship based on trust and good service. At EJB it is our belief that a such good service stems from understanding the needs of our partners and inherently to be able to do so, we need to understand the people representing our client organisations. Our stunning growth is as a matter of fact based mostly on direct referrals, we do very limited marketing, as 90% of new business is based on word of mouth and good feedback, by people who have already worked with us. Having said that, are we perfect? Certainly not! We are human and prone to mistakes like everyone else. At EJB we have a motto that a good working relationship is not based on a complete absence of issues (because there is no such thing) but on how we as a team resolve those issues when they crop up. Our clients appreciate this, as we work hand in hand with them at all times. There is a reason why we have grown from a handful for students to a number approaching 2000 in 10 years… so if you are reading this short article celebrating our 10 years, ask around and you will understand the reason as to why EJB could be your potential future contact in Malta.

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