EcoOlives: Production and marketing of Organic Olives and Organic Oil

EcoOlives is an Erasmus+ project that aims to enhance the competitiveness of the EU olive farmers and olive oil producers through the development of their potential production and promotion of organic olives and organic olive oil. Its main objectives are to enhance the development opportunities and boost the growth potential of olive farmers and olive oil producers in the EU by allowing them to enter the market of organic olives and olive oil.

Furthermore, the project targets EU olive farmers and olive oil producers with the goal of giving them enough material to train them on how to develop their specific knowledge and competences in the production and promotion of organic olives and organic olive oil. This will happen through a transversal, multidisciplinary and tailor-made training on the production of organic olives and organic olive oil, as well as surrounding actions such as pest control and even promotion. The EcoOlives project also aims to raise awareness on the cultural and historical impact of olives and olive groves and how they helped shaped the landscape heritage of each country. This has the added benefit of showing the importance of olives throughout history and culture and can maybe encourage the application of organic farming and production amongst new and existing olive farmers and olive oil producers. The project is currently nearing its end with the piloting phase of the training modules for producers and trainers being in its implementation phase. As things stand, at least 2 olive farmers and/or olive oil producers in each responsible country are testing the content developed from the project and at least 2 trainers are giving their feedback on the training manuals. After the piloting phase is concluded and feedback is taken into consideration, the partners will ratify the final results in early July during the final TPM of the project. The EcoOlives project consortium includes partners from 3 of the top 4 olive oil producing countries in the EU and 5 of the top 10. Itis comprised by 6 organisations from 6 EU countries, including Germany, Italy, Portugal, Bulgaria and Spain, with Eurosuccess Consulting being the Cypriot representative. Find out more about the EcoOlives project here:






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