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Educators in Action: Uniser Teacher Week 2024

International Skills in the Digital Era – Educators in Action

Uniser Teacher Week “Educators in Action” is a cooperative teacher training course about internationalisation and Erasmus+ project design: a 3-day capacity building where over 100 teachers from Europe and beyond learn and get inspired by their colleagues and other practitioners, while designing their next Erasmus+ project and meeting new partners to build it with.

“The European Year of Skills helps people get the right skills for quality jobs and supports companies in addressing skill shortages in Europe”.
European Commission’s official website for the European Year of Skills

The event

Conceived as a collaborative training course, Uniser Teacher Week employs a distinctive peer learning approach based on the active involvement of participants. In this immersive experience, over 100 teachers and education professionals from all over Europe not only learn, but also draw inspiration from their fellow educators and practitioners. This unique setting encourages a dynamic exchange of ideas and insights, contributing to the continuous professional development of each participant.

The event will take place on 8-9-10 May 2024 in Bologna at Opificio Golinelli, an open ecosystem where educational and professional development, research and technology transfer, venture capital in synergy with business incubation and acceleration, all come together harmoniously. It is the headquarters of Fondazione Golinelli, a philanthropic foundation leading initiatives dealing with education, professional training, research, innovation, business, and culture.

How does it work?

Participants select their preferred Erasmus Action – Learning Mobility, Cooperation Partnerships, or Partnerships for Innovation. Engaging in Erasmus+ Labs, they learn how to conceive and design a project, take part in workshops organised by peers to share best practices, attend keynote speeches, embark on field visits, and, ultimately, pitch their project ideas to find potential partners.

International skills in the digital era

What fundamental skills are necessary to excel in the contemporary professional landscape?  The 2024 Uniser Teacher Week edition focuses on transversal and soft skills vital for thriving in the globalised, digitally-driven labour market. As part of the European Year of Skills, the theme chosen for this upcoming edition explores resilience, adaptability, critical thinking, and entrepreneurship, emphasising the transformative power of internationalisation in education. Through Erasmus+ labs, workshops, keynote speeches and field visits, participants delve into project design, share good practices, and connect with potential partners, all in the context of digital advancements shaping the future of education and training.

International skills encompass the adaptable and transversal qualities that students and teachers cultivate through international learning experiences. These skills include resilience, adaptability, open-mindedness, empathy, respect for diversity, critical thinking, and entrepreneurship. As the labour market becomes increasingly globalised, these skills have become essential.

The digital era introduces new dimensions to skill development, with buzzwords like micro-credentials, artificial intelligence, and digitalisation shaping education and training. Uniser Teacher Week delves into the intersection of international experiences and skill development, exploring the potential of new technologies in enhancing the acquisition, measurement, and recognition of skills.

Meeting global demands

The Erasmus+ 2021-2027 extends opportunities for mobility and partnerships in Vocational Education and Training, prompting a reevaluation of teachers’ perspectives on organising international experiences. In this context, how can technology support teachers in navigating the complexities of the internationalisation process?

Uniser Teacher week will delve into the skills teachers need in the digital era, exploring how technology can aid in internationalisation, while sharing existing good practices to support their professional development.

Practical information

The three-day draft programme can be found on the event website, where early bird registration is also available.

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