EfVET annual conference – A Vocational Education Training Agenda of Future Skills for Green Transition

The European Forum of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (EfVET) recently concluded its annual conference in Rhodes, Greece, with a resounding call to raise the flag of Vocational Education and Training (VET). Over 350 participants from 34 countries, including 12 non-EU nations, gathered to discuss and promote VET excellence.

Joachim James Calleja, President of EfVET, delivered a passionate message during the conference’s closing, emphasizing the need to showcase the value of VET. He declared, “It is time for us to fly the flag of VET on our own and show the world what we mean with vocational education and training. Young people deserve the same resources, prestige, esteem, and employability conditions as those in all other sectors.”

The conference provided a unique platform for collaboration and exchange among representatives from EfVET and sister organizations, including Theodor Grassos, Secretary General of EVBB (European Association of Institutes for Vocational Training), and Giorgio Sbrissa and Monica Verzola, President and Board member, respectively, of EVTA (European Vocational Training Association). Georgios Zisimos, Head of Policy Advice and EU Programming Unit at the European Training Foundation (ETF), also facilitated a focus group on Internationalizing VET.

One notable achievement of the conference was the demonstration of EfVET members’ commitment to sustainability and greening. More than 25 innovative projects were showcased, highlighting the successful implementation and sustainability of results in the realms of environmental responsibility and sustainable development.

A remarkable feature of the event was a workshop organized by students, underscoring the significance of the learners’ perspective in making events more sustainable. Students offered valuable proposals, such as reducing plastic use, adopting sustainable transport options, and minimizing food waste by avoiding buffet meals.

The conference was further enriched by a diverse array of speakers, from young students to influential figures like Ioanna Lytrivi, State Deputy of the Hellenic Parliament, demonstrating EfVET’s commitment to inclusivity and engagement.

EfVET expresses its gratitude to all participants who made the conference a tremendous success.

See you next year in The Netherlands!

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