EfVET Conference_Workshop “Tourism and Tourism Inclusive Excellence”

EfVET Conference_Workshop “Tourism and Tourism Inclusive Excellence”

How can the Thematic Teams Tourism (TTT) and Exclusive Excellence (TTIE) ensure that VET is inclusive and accessible for all, was a question and topic that was discussed during the workshop held by these two Thematic Teams in Kuopio during EfVET’s annual conference. The workshop gathered 21 interested and active participants who were willing to share experiences and best practices.

The aim of the workshop was to gain a better understanding on how to we can improve inclusiveness and accessibility in VET and more specifically in tourism. We wanted open the definitions behind the word “inclusive” and agree on what has been done and should be done to ensure that we don’t exclude anybody based on existing prejudices and exclusive attitudes.

To get the discussions flowing and to ensure active participation we presented a project that had been awarded the European Innovative Teaching award by the European Commission. The project is called TAD – The ability advisor (https://learning.abilityadvisor.eu/) and it was presented by Roberta Richiero from ENGIM. We asked the participants to answer anonymously to three SLIDO questions connected to Inclusive Excellence and Tourism.

We all agreed that inclusion is so much more than just having a disability and taking into consideration this disability when planning VET. Inclusion is making sure that everyone is given a fair chance to succeed in education and in life in general. To develop an excellent inclusive education, we need to pay attention the environment and the people. To ensure that inclusion becomes a part of VET, it must become a normality and involve everyone from the management level to the teachers to the students and to all the various stakeholders involved. We need to focus on what needs to be done and create protocols and supporting processes that enables sustainable and inclusive VET both in the tourism sector and others.

One of the SLIDO questions focused on giving us moderators/coordinators of the two thematic teams ideas and suggestions on what we need to focus on in the future. Our homework involves us, the coordinators, to come up with ways on how we can involve (and attract new members) to think of ways to share best practices, develop online workshops and masterclasses in which TT members can discuss and share ideas. We were asked to think of ways to actively involve our members in defining, developing, and sharing existing content so that we can develop common module / learning outcomes focusing on inclusion in future.

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