EfVET Denmark Annual AGM & visit to Brussels

Danish EfVET board held it annual AGM in April 2018, followed by a visit to Brussels in order to tackle different policy issues.
Annie Kær Philipsen and Hans Severinsen, EfVET Denmark
Danish EfVET board held its annual AGM in April 2018. In order to attract executive managers from our 27 members colleges, the AGM was held
right after a two days annual conference hosted by the Danish Association for Vocational colleges.

Many smaller colleges have been merging during the last couple of years leading to fewer members.

The following subjects were discussed:

  • EfVET as policy and member network organization and benefits from membership and the annual European conference
  • EU and EfVET policy and upcoming policy agenda for programs after 2020
  • Status of internationalization at Danish colleges– amount of resources still depending on college economy
  • Operation of internationalization at colleges – how do we raise the level of internationalization integrated in college life, how do we support each other.

Danish EfVET national board visits Brussels

On the 12 and 13 March, EfVET Danish Board celebrated its national board meeting in Brussels. They had the opportunity to meet Maxime Ceruti, BusinessEurope Social Affairs Director, and Helen Hoffmann & Dana Carmen Bachmann (DG-EMPL, Head of Unit) from European Commission. On the top of that, EfVET Office team exchange views on different aspect of our network.

The main subjects discussed during the meeting included: image of VET, how to engage SME’s in apprenticeships, shortage of skills in EU, parents counselling, quality assurance in VET, annual EfVET conference and European Vocational Skills Week 2018.

The meeting with Maxime Cerutti revolved around image and shortage of VET students in the EU countries. There are quite a lot of similarities all over Europe.

Ms. Hoffmanns in the Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion and had a very in formative presentation of: Policy updates: European initiatives on Vocational Education and Training & Apprenticeships and New skills agenda for Europe. It was a nice opportunity to see and hear what is coming up in the near future e.g. about further use of apprenticeships and forthcoming ERASMUS PRO.

A part from the professional subjects it is also very great and good for our future cooperation to do some networking and be familiar with each other in the board and the central.

The Danish Board comes back home with a sounded knowledge of EU VET policy and what they can do from a national perspective!

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