EfVET Member EPPAS promote EfVET in Czech Republic

Prague’s City Hall started an initiative to provide public schools that are directly funded by the City with guidance in internationalization, networking, project applications’ compilation and composition and also about funding options. On 16 January, EfVET Member EPPAs was invited to introduce the work of EfVET network for VET schools directors.

EPPAS (Czech Republic)

Organisers have brought together a broad range of organisations active in VET and 58 school directors from Prague. Filip Kuchař, Head of Strategy and Projects Unit at the City Hall, led the first presentation about their vision and networks Eurocities and Xarxa as Prague is a member. The floor was then handed over to Lucie Münchová from Czech National Agency, guiding all the participants through Erasmus+ Key Actions and options that they provide for schools. Directors already active in Erasmus+ projects interacted instantly and together they explored the potential of Erasmus+ projects. The third presentation was about Czech and German Fund for the Future, a bilateral fund that has simpler administrative and project demands and provides schools with more options. 

After these three presentations, Eppas, represented by Juraj Varga, was given the opportunity to present Eppas and EfVET network. School directors received brief information about Eppas’ education and training activities, especially teacher training that we are developing. The main part of the presentation was about networking and EfVET. Nevertheless, description and steps to be taken for projects that this network can provide with a special emphasis on all the benefits that come with the membership and along with the opportunities that are being discussed at the network’s Annual Conferences. 

The last part belonged to European Development Agency, a private organisation that specializes in application composition and project management. 

Eppas are really excited and looking forward to every change and possibilities for VET providers.

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