EfVET Member wins the EAEA Grundtvig Award 2019

The project “Open IT Up: Boosting Adult Educator Competences to Upskill Pathways of Adult Learners” coordinated by EfVET Member, DomSpain (Reus, Spain) wins the EAEA Grundtvig Award 2019 – European category.

DomSpain (Spain)

The project received the award because it targets adult learners and educators and provides learning and working materials for both of them. Moreover, the digital tools produced in many European languages, including more and less common ones, ensure wide dissemination for the results.

“For the partnership, this award is important as it means the significance given by EU-wide networks to acquiring life skills in adult education and, more importantly, in informal and non-formal environments. Such a goal should go beyond this project and become an essential part of adult education all over Europe.”, says Olena Korzhykova from DomSpain, speaking on behalf of all the partners in the project.

Under this project, the eight partners from Spain, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Italy, UK, Poland, Turkey have developed:

  • E-course “Start Your Own Business” in English, Bulgarian, German, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Polish and Turkish
  • Toolkit for educators and learners with an ICT (innovation – communication-technology) approach,
  • Videos about start-ups across Europe
  • Business Idea cards with examples of low-cost startups launched by young entrepreneurs
  • Webinars for educators focusing on ICT and digital teaching tools.

EAEA Grundtvig Award

The EAEA Grundtvig Award was launched in 2003 in order to recognise and celebrate excellence in adult education. It highlights projects that produce new ideas, new partnerships, new methodologies in adult teaching and learning as well as promotes initiatives fostering life skills in adult education.

The 16th annual Grundtvig Awards were given to projects which successfully embrace the life skills approach in adult education in two categories: national or regional and European projects. The winners were announced on 26 June 2019 at the award ceremony taken place in the Brahe Pavillon in Copenhagen which was a part of the EAEA General Assembly and Annual Conference.

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